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Takeout/Delivery Menu
For takeout or delivery. We deliver within 4 miles with a $10 minimum and a $3 Delivery Charge. To place an order, click the link below.
Available: Mon - Sat 11 am to 10 pm; Sun 11 am to 9 pm
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A1 - Cha Gio Heo/Ga
Vietnamese style egg roll. Small (4) ($7) or large (8) ($12). Crispy deep fried egg rolls stuffed with ground pork, chicken, onion & black fungus
A2 - Goi Cuon Tom/Chay/Bi/Ga Cuon (2)
(Summer rolls) Choice of shrimp, tofu or shredded chicken with lettuce & rice vermicelli. w/ grilled pork or beef $1 extra
A3 - Tom Hoac Muc Chien Gion
Fried shrimp or squid with onion & lettuce,
A4 - Canh Ga Sot Me
Fried chicken wing topped with tamarind sauce.
A5 - Goi Xu
Pickled cabbage salad w/ tofu. w/ chicken or shrimp $3 extra.
A6 - Soup Mang Tay Cua
Asparagus, crab meat combination soup.
A7 - Tom Chien Khoai
Sweet potato cake with shrimp. Small (2) $7 or large (4) $11.45.
A10 - Salad Tron Dau Giam
Vegetables salad in Vietnamese style vinegar special sauce.
A11 - Xa Lach Suon/Ga
Grilled pork chop or chicken
A12 - Tom Lui
Shrimp Skew

Rice Noodle Beef Soup
S1 - Pho Xe Lura
Extra extra big bowl combination of half done beef filet, brisket, beef tendon & beef tripe.
S2 - Pho Dac Biet
Combination of half done beef filet, brisket, beef tendon & beef tripe.
S3 - Pho Tai Chin Nam Gan
Combination of half done beef filet, beef brisket, beef tendon & beef tripe.
S4 - Pho Tai Bo Vien
Combination of half done beef filet & beef balls.
S5 - Pho Tai Nam Sach
Combination of half done beef filet, brisket & beef tripe.
S6 - Pho Tai Sach
Combination of half done beef fillet & tripe.
S7 - Pho Tai Gan
Combination of half done beef filet & beef tendon.
S8 - Pho Tai Nam
Combination of half done beef filet & brisket.
S9 - Pho Tai
Half done beef filet.
S10 - Pho Bo Vien
Beef balls.
S11 - Pho Duoi Bo
S12 - Pho Ga
Chicken breast.
S13 - Pho Ga Kho
Dried rice noodle combination of special chicken meat sauce, chicken Breast & small bowl of chicken or beef broth.
S14 - Pho Ga Nuong
Grilled chicken.
S15 - Pho Thit Nuong
Grilled sliced pork filet.
S16 - Pho Chay
Variety of vegetables & tofu.
S17 - Pho Tom
S18 - Pho Hai San
Variety of seafood.
S19 - Pho Suon Nuong
Pork chop.
S20 - Pho Ca Vien
Fish ball.
S21 - Pho Bap Bo
Beef Heel Muscle
S22 - Hu Tieu Mi Nam Vang
Seafood, ground pork, pork liver & egg noodles.

Bun Rice Vermicelli
B1 - Bun Tom Nuong
Grilled shrimp, cucumber, bean sprout.
B2 - Bun Bo Lui
Grilled beef rolls with onion, cucumber & bean sprout.
B3 - Bun Thit Nuong
Grilled pork filet, cucumber & bean sprout.
B4 - Bun Cha Gio
Fried Spring rolls, cucumber & bean sprout.
B5 - Bun / Banh Mi CaRi Ga
Curry chicken with sweet potato served with bread vermicelli noodle or white rice.
B6 - Bun Ho Hue
Thick rice vermicelli with sliced brisket, pigs feet & Vietnamese ham soup.
B7 - Bun Chao Tom
Grilled shrimp paste, cucumber & bean sprouts.
B8 - Bun / Banh Mi Bo Kho
Stew beef with carrot, served with bread, vermicelli or white rice.
B9 - Bun Nem Nuong
Grilled pork patties with cucumber & bean sprout.
B10 - Bun Rieu
Ground pork, crab meat, egg & tomato rice vermicelli soup.
B11 - Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong
Spring roll & grilled pork, cucumber & bean sprout.
B12 - Bun Cha Gio Bo Lui
Spring roll & beef roll, cucumber & bean sprout.
B13 - Bun Ga Nuong
Grilled chicken with lemongrass, cucumber & bean sprout.
B14 - Bun Thit Nuong Chay
Stir fried tofu with cucumber & bean sprout.
B15 - Bun Bo Luc Lac
Sauteed beef cubes with cucumber & bean sprout.
B16 - Bun Man Vit
Duck & Bamboo Shoot w/ vermicelli soup
B17 - Bun Vit Nuong Chao (Com)
Grilled duck w/ vermicelli or rice

French Baguette
B19 - Banh Mi Thit Nuong
Stuffed with grilled pork filet, cucumber & Vietnamese pickles.
B20 - Banh Mi Ga Nuong
Stuffed with grilled chicken, cucumber & Vietnamese pickles.
B21 - Banh Mi Thit Bo Nuong
Stuffed with grilled beef filet, cucumber & Vietnamese pickles.
B22 - Banh Mi Tom Nuong / Chao Tom
Stuffed with grilled shrimp, cucumber & Vietnamese pickles.
B23 - Banh Mi Nem Nuong
Stuffed with pork patties, cucumber & Vietnamese pickles.
B24 - Banh Mi Cua Lot
Stuffed with fried soft shell crab
B25 - Banh Mi Ca Flounder
Stuffed with fried flounder fillet
B26 - Banh Mi Pate Cha Lua
Stuffed with mixed ground meat pate, Vietnamese ham & pickles.
B27 - Banh Mi Bo Luc Lac
Stuffed with sautéed beef cubes & onions

Rice Dishes
C1 - Com Suon Bi Cha
Combination grilled pork chop, shredded pork, crab meat egg custard, cucumber & tomatoes.
C2 - Com Bo Luc Lac
Sauteed beef cubes with onion, cucumber & tomatoes.
C3 - Com Bo Lui
Grilled beef roll with onion, cucumber & tomatoes.
C4 - Com Suon Nuong
Grilled pork chop, cucumber & tomatoes.
C5 - Com Thit Nuong
Grilled pork with lemongrass, cucumber & tomatoes.
C6 - Com Ga Nuong Xa
Grilled chicken with lemongrass, cucumber & tomatoes.
C7 - Com Chien Duong Chau
Young chow fried rice with Chinese sausage, carrot & peas.
C8 - Com Suon Lap Xuong Op La
Grilled pork chop, Chinese sausage & fried egg.
C9 - Com Chien Dua
Fried rice with shrimp, pineapple, egg, carrot & peas
C10 - Com Chien Chay
Vegetables & tofu fried rice.
C11 - Com Chien (Bo/Tom) (Cua)
Fried rice with beef or shrimp. With crab meat $2 extra
C12 - Com Chien Ga Chien
Crispy chicken with fried rice
C13 - Com Nem Nuong
Grilled pork patties, cucumber & tomato

House Specials
Served with white rice or egg fried rice for add'l $2.00
D1 - Rau Cai Xao Dau Hu
Stir-fried vegetables with tofu.
D2 - Rau Cai Xao (Tom) Hoac (Ga)
Stir-fried vegetables with chicken or shrimp for add'l $2.00.
D3 - Ca Kho To
Vietnamese style braised salmon in clay pot.
D4 - Canh Chua Ca / Tom Hoac Ga
Sour soup with salmon or shrimp or chicken, bean sprout, celery, pineapples, tomatoes & herbs.
D5 - Bo Luc Lac
Sauteed beef cubes, onion with special sauce served over lettuce.
D6 - Xao Xa Ot (Tom) Hoac (Ga)
Spicy stir-fried chicken breast or shrimp for add'l $2, with lemongrass & onion.
D7 - Xao Hanh Gung (Tom) Hoac (Ga)
Stir-fried chicken breast or shrimp for add'l $2, with ginger & onion.
D8 - Xao Cari (Tom) Hoac (Ga)
Stir-fried curry chicken or shrimp for add'l $2, with onion.
D9 - Bo Tai Chanh
Vietnamese style beef carpaccio.
D10 - Tom Ram Muoi
Crispy shrimp sprinkled with salt with onion & green chili.
D11 - Ga Xao Chua Ngot
Stir-fried sweet & sour chicken with onion.
D12 - Banh Hoi Thit Nuong/Nem
Grilled pork served with angel hair noodle.
D13 - Banh Hoi Bo Lui
Grilled beef rolls served with angel hair noodle.
D14 - Banh Hoi Tom Nuong
Grilled shrimp served with angel hair noodle.
D15 - Duoi Bo Xao Sot Ca
Oxtails with tomatoes, sauce & onion.
D16 - Mi Xao Gion Do Bien
Crispy deep fried egg noodles topped with seafood & vegetables in special sauce.
D17 - Mi Xao Do Bien
Stir-fried egg noodles topped with seafood & vegetables in special sauce.
D18 - Pho Ap Chao
Pan fried rice noodle sauteed with seafood & vegetables in special sauce.
D20 - Pad Thai (Tom) Hoac (Ga)
Stir fried rice noodle with chicken or with shrimp for add'l $2.00.
D23 - Ca Hong Sot Ca
Whole red snapper w/ tomato & pineapple sauce. Small $20.70 or large $30.70.
D24 - Cai Ngot Xao (Bo/Cua)
Sauteed Asia Vegetables. Add beef flank steak or crab meat for $6 extra
D26 - Rau Cai Chua Xao Thit Bo/Muc/Tom
Sauteed pickled mustard with beef, squid & shrimp.
D27 - Tilapia Chien Gion
Whole crispy tilapia with ginger sauce.
D28 - Bong Cai Xao (Ga) (Tom/Bo)
Stir fried broccoli with chicken or for add'l $2.00 shrimp or beef.
D29 - Dau Ha Lan Xao (Ga) (Tom/Bo)
Stir fried snow peas with chicken or for add'l $2.00 shrimp or beef.
D30 - Cua Lot
Crispy soft shell crab.

Beverages & Desserts
G1 - Ca Phe Sua Nong / Da
Hot or Ice coffee with condensed milk.
G2 - Da Chanh
Fresh Lemonade.
G3 - Soda Lemonade $3.50
G4 - Soda Sua Hot Ga
Soda, egg yolk & condensed milk shake.
G5 - Canned Soda
Choose from our selection.
G9 - Tra Sua Tran Chau
Bubble tea in taro, thai milk, mango, almond, strawberry, honeydew, blueberry, lychee, passion fruit, green tea or coconut flavor.
G10- Sinh To Dau Do/Dau Xanh
Red Bean shake
G11 - Thai Iced Tea $4.25

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Fork & Spoon $.00
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